Religion invariably comes from a period of enlightenment. Churches still celebrate the teachings of love that sprang from the lips of Jesus. Synagogues celebrate laws that, according to tradition, were handed down to humans nearly 6,000 years ago. In Rastafarian culture, worship springs from the love of what cannabis can provide people.

The church of marijuana originated on the island of Jamaica and this religion is arguably based more on the love of freedom more than any other religion in the world today. For over two centuries, slaves were brought to this island to work in the hot plantation fields to send products back to Europe. Even when England abolished slavery, the Jamaican plantation owners refused the orders.

The people needed to have an escape from the brutality of life. Marijuana provided that freedom. The church of cannabis had been born.

Many Preachers Have Come and Gone From This Church

There have been many names that have graced the church of cannabis in Rastafarian culture. Leonard Howell, Marcus Garvey, and Haile Selassie are just a few on the lips of believers. None, however, have been as influential to the growth of this religion than Bob Marley.

“I Shot the Sheriff” is the story of a cannabis grower being hunted down by a relentless sheriff, after all. Eric Clapton might have made this song famous, but Bob Marley is the one who wrote and performed it first.

It was only fitting that Marley was buried with a fat branch of herb. This man advanced Rastafarian culture to the world. If he could see how far this church of cannabis has expanded in recent years, he would certainly have a smile on his face.