While Chicago is in the midst of birthing its regulated legal cannabis market, the city is also putting away what might be its grimiest weed dealer.

Fouad Masoud has been sentenced to seven years for selling K2, a “synthetic cannabis” from his convenience store.

K2 is nasty stuff all on its own, being known to cause a range of horrific side effects from seizures to psychosis. However, what Masoud was peddling out of the King Mini Mart was far nastier.

His synthetic weed was found to contain brodifacoum, an anti-coagulant which causes severe internal bleeding and is commonly used as rat poison. Ingesting the toxin can be fatal, but fortunately no one died as a result of Masoud’s tainted smoke.

There were, however, some 100 cases of hospitalization for which were eventually tied to K2 from King Mini Mart. According to High Times, many of the victims nearly succumbed to “uncontrollable internal bleeding.”

After his arrest, Masoud admitted that he sold roughly 80 packages of K2 a day, but claimed he had no idea it contained rat poison. “Maybe I got a bad batch,” Masoud said at his sentencing hearing.

The operation was busted when Masoud sold synthetic cannabis to an undercover agent in a sting. During his arrest, authorities on the scene discovered $344,000 in cash and over six pounds of K2 hidden in “a hole in the ground behind his shop.” It’s amazing that actual rats didn’t get at it.