Frequently using high potency weed may put you at risk of having a psychotic episode. Milder strains of weed, even when used frequently, don’t seem to display the same risk. according to findings from a study that was published in Lancet Psychiatry and reported on by The Cannabist.

The research was obtained from South London patients who have been hospitalised after a psychotic incident. The report only analysed those who had been sent to the hospital for the very first time because of psychosis, meaning that they had never been previously diagnosed with any kind of relevant disorder. This data was compared to 370 non-psychotic individuals who lived in the same area.

Someone who smokes high potency weed regularly, or someone who smokes weed that has over 15% THC was found to be three times more likely to be diagnosed with a disorder. If you were to smoke this weed on a daily basis then the risk would increase to five times. Researchers did also find that there was no link between low potency weed and psychotic disorders.

This information is especially interesting because most of what we smoke is now super-weed. Not much schwag and mids being sold in collectives. It’s understandable that if you drink a pint of vodka every day, it will have a larger toll on your body when compared to if you just drink a daily pint of beer, and a similar rule might apply to THC.

So we might go crazy, but at least we got better weed.