Fifteen tons of weed has been seized in Otay Mesa Port. The pot was found hidden underneath a mattress in a shipment that was stopped at the Otay Mesa cargo port. This has been documented as the largest drugs bust of the border and it is also the 2nd largest bust of any crossing nationwide.

Border protection workers found the pot when they inspected a truck said to be carrying cushions and mattresses. An anomaly was found during what officers described as an x-ray examination, and on opening the truck officials found almost every inch packed with plastic packets, and just a few mattresses off to the side.. The total find came to over 1296 packets that when weighed, contained 31,598 pounds of pot. This load has a value of over $18.96 million.

The driver was a Mexican citizen who had a valid card to cross the border. He was handed to the United States Immigration & Homeland Security team, while the truck was taken by CBP officers. The cargo port had made the largest bust in border history in 2003 when around 19,999 pounds of pot was found. The largest discovery ever made however was by CBP officers and it totalled over 35,265 pounds. That seizure happened at the Calexico East Port in 2013.

There have been no updates as to what charges the driver will face, yet this marks a milestone for drug enforcement officers in the state. Although the van looked legitimate, the x-ray scan proved differently and this is what led to one of the largest record breaking drug busts in the area.