Recreational cannabis shops have united to tell Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker to back up off them, after Baker said they had to shutter their doors as part of the state’s Stay At Home advisory.

Baker’s order deemed medical marijuana dispensaries essential businesses, but did not extend the designation to recreational weed.

The lawsuit requests that the court permit adult use weed shops to reopen, wanting to stem critical damage being done to the industry during the closure, according to theAssociated Press.

Baker said he believes keeping recreational stores open could cause spread of the virus as customers come from neighboring states to replenish their stash.

“Significant numbers of the customers who procure cannabis at recreational marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts are not from Massachusetts,” Baker said. “Making those sites available to anybody from the northeast would cut completely against the entire strategy we’re trying to pursue.”

Some recreational weed businesses have tried to make some lemonade out of their lemons, switching their operation to the production of disinfectant. Others, however, are finding the ruling problematic.

“There’s no industry more regulated than the marijuana industry. None. Not the liquor industry, not the banking industry,” said Ellen Rosenfeld, a co-owner of CommCan, one of the plaintiffs in the the lawsuit against Baker.

“The potential that the coronavirus is going to pour into the borders through adult-use dispensaries, I think he’s catastrophizing it.”

Photo via Flickr/David Ohmer