If you’re still trying to figure out what you want to do when you grow up, we have a suggestion for you. Be a Hungarian scientist. ‘Cuz they do Dab Research.

A research study published earlier this year consisted of blasting cannabis sativa with “ultrasonication” in an effort to extract cannabinoids, as well as other compounds such as polyphenols and flavonoids.

The result? According to the study’s abstract description, “On comparing the ultrasonic process with the control extraction, noticeably higher values were obtained for each of the responses. Additionally, ultrasound considerably improved the extraction of cannabinoids present in Cannabis.”

In particular the researchers found that the use of ultrasonication produced higher yields while also shortening the extraction time.

Ultrasonic waves were not used as some kind of substitute solvent (that would be too cool). Instead (only slightly less cool) they were used in tandem with 80% methanol (simple alcohol).

As High Times pointed out in their reporting on the study, even better yield results could be discovered if ultrasonication were paired up with other solvents such as BHO or CO2. They also noted that Hungarians did not get their first. The concentrate world has a whole fleet of amateur/renegade/sometimes brilliant/sometimes idiotic extraction artists who have of course stumbled up on the benefits of ultrasonic blasting:

“Certain extractors are already taking advantage of ultrasonic cannabis extraction with other solvents. It is nonthermal so there isn’t enough heat to cause the degradation of active ingredients. It is energy-efficient so costs are low, it doesn’t add any hazardous or toxic chemicals and best of all research has shown it shortens extraction time while increasing cannabinoid yields.”