Let THC lose in your brain and it’s like a million little mice coursing through a maze. They get everywhere. They affect your creativity, mood, focus, anxiety, memory, even shrink tumors (can I get a “fuck yeah?”). Lots of desired effects, a few undesidred ones, but until now you got to take the good with the bad because those mice-like molecules got legs and they’ll go anywhere they see an open door in your neural pathways.

Except some European eggheads have figured out how to block some of those doorways and guide the THC to go exactly where they want it to in the brain and no place else. Medical News Today reported today that a smarty-pants superteam of British and Spanish researchers (actually the very same ones who recently discovered that THC can zap some tumors).

THC produces psychoactive affects (gets you high) when it reacts with cannabinoid and serotonin receptors. But, these researchers have found, if you block both of those you can still get the awesome medical benefits of the molecule.

Obviously, a lot of cannabis users are not wild about ditching the ”unwanted side effect” of getting stoned from weed, but separating the different effects of THC is obviously beneficial for medical applications. Hushing psychoactive characteristics  is especially a boon for adolescents and teenagers who might benefit from the tumor-fighting properties of THC, but whose memory has been shown to be negatively affected by regular exposure.

The find could also prefigure other neuro-chemistry work that could refine the way we process THC. Maybe they could find a way to snuggle up to your euphoria-makers while staying away from your anxiety –brain parts. I don’t know. I’m not a scientist, but it makes a fellow think is all I’m saying.

Image via Wikimedia