There is little buyer’s remorse among states that legalized marijuana. A new poll found that a majority of residents in states which have legalized the green stuff consider it a success.

The public opinion and data website YouGov surveyedmore than 23,000 Americans about the track record of legal recreational cannabis in their state. Respondents were in California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington.

In all but one state, more voters perceived legal cannabis as more of a success than a failure.

Respondents were particularly supportive of adult-use cannabis in Colorado, where 26% said legal weed was a “success only,” 45% said it was “more of a success than a failure,” and only 17% believed it was “more of a failure.”

69% believed it was more of a success in Oregon, as well as 67% in Massachusetts, 65% in Washington, 64% in Nevada, 59% in California, 59% in Illinois, and 56% in Michigan.

In Maine, support is lower, with 47% believing legal weed has been more of a success. Though Maine voters approved recreational cannabis in 2016, the state’s law has not yet been fully implemented.

NORML released a statementnoting that the data confirms the findings of multiple previous surveys and popular support for legal cannabis in general.

“This polling data reaffirms that most voters do not experience ‘buyer’s remorse’ following marijuana legalization,” NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano said. “In the minds of most Americans, adult-use marijuana regulations are operating as voters intended and in a way that is consistent with their expectations.”

Photo via Flickr/WeedPornDaily