There were lots of goodies roaming around the HighFi Event last weekend (you can check out her full review of the festivities here), and among the most solid was the disposable vape pen from Cali Stick.

Full of 1000 mg of “shatter oil,” the Cali Stick functions well as a piece of equipment – it hits good, not too harsh. In fact, there’s nothing harsh at all about the Cali Stick. It didn’t get us high, but it did get us stoned, if you know what I mean – and, while that’s not always preferable – it’s nice to have that option. You want a nice comfortable buzz you can maintain on the d-lo all day without the peaks and valleys that come with dabbing or some ultra-potent pens, this is a good go to.

The oil comes from a high pedigree of collaborators – material from Loompa Farms and extraction by Bay Area blasters Golden Ratio Extracts, using a closed loop system by SubZero and 99.5% pure butane from Refined Hydrocarbon Solutions. While we didn’t get fucked-up off the Cali Stick, the taste is pure – shatter, not chemicals – and the high is steady and clean. According to very recent tests at SC Labs, their extracts ring in at the 82-87% THC range.

Since their product didn’t actually list the strains used to make the concentrate in Cali Sticks, we called up their guy Douglas to ask. They said they use a variety of Humboldt hybrids including White Yeti, Underdog OG, Foo Dog and Triangle Kush. He also said once their production hits its stride, and their pen and packaging production can be exactly on par with their extract manufacturing, all pens will be clearly labeled with the strains they contain.

Closely affiliated with the Weed4Warriors Project, Cali Stick spends a lot of their time promoting at events and medicating veterans. You can find them at a slew of upcoming events, especially in the NorCal area, and we’ll be updating this page as the product becomes available in more collectives.

We definitely recommend getting yourself one if you’re in a mellow kind of mood or want to medicate on THC without losing your damn fool mind.


Special thanks to help from @thedabfairy