There comes a time in all great swaths of history, when something or someone arrives, some epic grand–a monolithic force that informs the landscape of all around it so greatly, the world and people within can’t help but change with it. For it.

And then you have vapRwear. Not to say it isn’t a worldly game changer in its own right, but that’s really the point of it. Even if it was–or is–said game-6-line-change in the cut, vapRwear is hiding in the shadows. In the alleys. In the triple-knit cotton and polyester secret pockets of those vapesters on the down low.

It’s no wonder the DLo system is exactly what they decided to name the intermingled vaporizer and tube unit that comes with this smokeable hoodie. A DLo 1 (what we’ve got) is a USB charge e-juice or oil pen with a screw-on port for the oil cartridge. This pen connects to the end of a hose that’s disguised as a sweatshirt hood tie string.

150602E vaprwear

Altogether, the vapRwear sweatshirt is a hoodie with this tube rigged through the hood where the drawstring usually would be. At one end of the “string” is the mouthpiece attachment for sucking and, at the other, the connector attachment for the pen. For the ultimate discreetness and Nicolas Cage-like levels of secrecy, the two aforementioned nonchalant pockets in the breasticled area of the hoodie fit the pen and mouthpiece perfectly so they can hide in the little cottony compuchments.

In addition to the shirt, pen and tube, the vapRwear 1 we got ourselves over here also comes with a USB charger port and a little tin carrying case for the whole bundle. Well, the bundle of just the battery pen, the oil cartridge and the charger (pens also come in the flower-vaping variety and apparel comes in jackets as well as sweatshirts). Be kinda tough to fit a sweatshirt in there. It’s about the size of a glasses case.

Upon donning the article, adorned with a Colorado state logo and red-shmohawked pelican (the emblem of the company’s creator Elvis “Papi” Edwards), our intern was swimming in it. Not literally, but he’s an unpaid college freshman with brittle bones. Thin as a rail. So it was no one’s fault but his own.

For comfort’s sake he said it was lovely. And as far as functionality goes, all the components worked and did what they are supposed to do. Especially the hose-string and those secret pockets. So he gave two thumbs up to that.

Overall the vapRwear piece is a nifty little device– especially for those into the more gadget-toy, Sharper Image-esque fare. We filled her up with a 500mg cartridge of 100% supercritical C02 cannabis oil from Absolute Extracts, and the one lasted us about a week with some pretty heavy usage. And only one charge on the pen, no less.

Check out more from “Papi” Edwards and his shmohawked Pelican VapRwear gear here, and keep an eye for the “first sweatshirt you can smoke in history” on our next installment of Waxing Philosophical.

Till then, dab it secret. Dab it safe.



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