Rhode Island introduced a legislation on Thursday that would legalise recreational marijuana. The state legalized medical marijuana back in 2006, and supporters have continued to support the movement of recreational marijuana ever since. Over 52 percent of the population voted in favor of changing the laws. If marijuana is legalized, then the state will have their treasury boosted by a reported $58 million per year.

The Marijuana Regulation Act would legalize both the possession and the sale of recreational marijuana for everyone who is over the age of 21. Those who are of age would also be able to grow one plant as well as possessing up to one ounce at any one time. People would also need to grow the plants indoors in a secure facility.

Retail stores which are licensed would be overseen by the Department of Business Regulations. 40% of the tax collected by pot sales would also go toward a substance abuse program and law enforcement training. Reports state that there would also be an excise tax of $50 per every ounce of marijuana flower, with a $15 per ounce tax put on extracts and edibles. A little steep, but you know, what are you gonna do?