A recent study of qualified Rhode Island medical marijuana patients has found that a majority are substituting their prescription of cannabis for traditional prescriptions and are achieving better results.

According to the study that was jointly conducted by Brown University and the University of Arkansas, 2 out of 3 patients used medical marijuana to successfully treat chronic pain. 56% of those in this study stated that they had replaced their prescription drugs with cannabis.

9 out of 10 patients stated that they had fewer side effects.

Taking opioids to relieve pain has long been associated with addiction problems. The withdrawal symptoms from long-time pain management using these prescriptions can be severe and sometimes life threatening. By substituting medical marijuana for the opioids, these patients have found a reduction in their reliance on prescription pain relievers and this helps them to experience a greater joy out of life.

As a control factor, this study had a majority of patients who had not abused drugs or alcohol in the past. Many of them had health insurance. It encompassed more than 50% of the total medical marijuana population in Rhode Island.

This study backs up many others that have produced similar results: medical marijuana is safer than prescriptions for many and it doesn’t have the same issues with side effects. Maybe one day the full medical community will listen. Until then, it is up to you to keep spreading the word about the benefits of medical marijuana.