It’s a crazy time for weed-ology. One research study says weed cures cancer while another says it causes cancer. One says more kids are smoking than ever, while another says that youngsters hitting blunts is on the decline. Luckily for all the endo enthusiasts out there, we have some sages to guide us through the dank forest of contradictory cannabis statistics. Sages like retired NFL baller Ricky Williams.

The running back made headlines this week after endorsing via tweet an article from the Washington Post.

The article says that recently circulated studies indicating that regular marijuana use among teenagers leads to a decrease in intelligence are bunk and based on faulty research methods. It then looks at two different, better conducted studies which come to pretty different conclusions about the effect of cannabis on smarts.

From the Post: “Two new reports this month tackle the relationship between marijuana use and intelligence from two very different angles: One examines the life trajectories of 2,235 British teenagers between ages 8 and 16, and the other looks at the differences between American identical twin pairs in which one twin uses marijuana and the other does not.

Despite vastly different methods, the studies reach the same conclusion: They found no evidence that adolescent marijuana use leads to a decline in intelligence.”

Ricky Williams, it should be noted, ain’t just some random stoner saying “fuckin’ a” to a paper that endorses getting stoned. Williams has used marijuana for medical reasons for years. Williams treated his social anxiety disorder, avoidance disorder, and borderline personality disorder with cannabis, saying that it worked better than prescription antidepressants. His medical treatment lead him to test positive multiple times for marijuana, which reportedly contributed to his retirement from the NFL.