When the Santa Ana Police Department raided the unlicensed medical marijuana dispensary Sky High Holistic late last month, the officers present did what police nationwide have been doing best lately – getting caught on camera doing stupid shit.

According to KTLA, the Sky High people said they were expecting the raid, so they set up hidden cameras – presumably hoping that the cops would do something dumb on video, which they did. After bursting in with ski-masks and guns like they were raiding a crack house, the police forced patients to the floor and disabled what they thought were the only security cameras in the space.

Only an edited and at times unclear video has been released to the public by Attorney Matthew Pappas, but it looks a whole lot like – and this is also what Pappas is alleging – after the police cleared out the dispensary, one of them took a ferocious bite out of an edible and another made a joke about a dispensary employee who was a blind, wheelchair-bound amputee, saying, “I would have liked to kick her in her fucking knob.”

This employee Marla James, a medical marijuana patient and acting manager on the day of the raid, hired Pappas to file a lawsuit on her behalf.

James told KTLA that police also intimidated her into signing documents she couldn’t read because of her vision impairment. “They intimidated me. They threatened me. It was like shooting fish in a barrel,” she said. “They told me I better sign the ticket or I’m going to jail.”

The Sky High bust was just one of a series of raids on unlicensed collectives in Santa Ana recently. Twenty dispensaries, including B-Real’s Dr. Greenthumb, were selected by lottery to become permitted operations. Sky High had not been selected for the lottery system. For the moment, due to a judge’s temporary restraining order, not even the lottery-selected operations are legal.

Hopefully area lawmakers will start chowing down on edibles like the cops and then maybe the regulations will loosen up a little in Santa Ana.