Santa Cruz, the birthplace of California’s cannabis garden, is facing some very harsh restrictions in regards to the medicine that can be grown near the community.

In a recent board meeting, there was a packed house and a 3-2 vote that would potentially ban commercial grows and place severe limitations on collective gardens.

Most of the people who spoke out at the meeting were against the new rule, as it would re-criminalize cannabis growth in industrial zones. It would also increase business taxes for dispensaries.

The county legalized pot cultivation in commercial zones in February 2014, but with the new amendment, medical marijuana could only be grown on the residence of the patient. Dispensaries wouldn’t be able to grow plants on site either.

Those who support the ordinance say they have the county’s best interests at heart and that the county would be best served if pot cultivation was limited to patient grows.

Santa Cruz is the home of WAMM, a gardening model run by Valerie Corral. Proposition 215 helped to establish medical weed back in 1996, and she had a big role in adjusting Senate Bill 420 to permit collective grows by letting patients and their caregivers form relationships with California Counties.

The CAA, or the Cannabis Advocates Alliance in Santa Cruz, has vowed to protect the rights of those who are involved with the medical pot community, and are going to meet tomorrow to discuss further action that might need to be taken.

Justin Baker told Cannabis Now that by allowing three grow sites per dispensary, you take away gardening rights as well as making distribution practically illegal. This includes mobile delivery and eliminates the diversity that county patients have grown to enjoy.