Marijuana enthusiasts are no strangers to high-technology, but this new proposal just might reach new levels of weird, sci-fi exploratory realms.  Enter Potbotics, a company that wants to customize your bud using your brain.  No, we don’t mean taking a survey to find out your personality and pairing it up with a strain, we mean brainwave testing.

This little software company wants to match your brain with the exact strains that will have the best impact on their experience.  They coin their business with the catch-phrase “focused on elevating cannabis to higher standards.”  To do this, Potbotics uses EEG software that can read what your mind is really trying to tell you.

This bold proclamation starts sounding a little saner, after hearing about Potbotics’ cofounder, and father to his counterpart, Baruch Goldstein.  He previously worked on cognition tests with EEGs for pre-Alzheimer’s patients.  He has designed this unique brain-strain matching software to work with a wireless EEG helmet that gathers data to be sent to his servers to be analyzed and matched to specific marijuana strains.

This EEG scan is administered to customers before and after they have just consumed marijuana to study how their brain interacts with their choice of pot.  As with most medical-based software, the more sample data to work with, the better.  Potbotics may sound like a silly idea on face-value, but this strain optimizing can prove to be beneficial for those suffering from debilitating neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s or epilepsy, where increased effectiveness is directly observable.

Who knows, maybe this Potbotics development could advance medical research to where doctors can make more informed decisions for treating their patients?

Of course, Potbotics is also targeting the premium recreational marijuana consumer market, too.  The science behind this function is more of a work in progress and relies heavily on user trial and error.  With that said, the Potbot network is slated to release within the next couple of months as a website and an app, with a description of a robot kiosk found at major dispensary locations.

The Potbot service won’t act like a vending machine or anything, though, as it doesn’t recommend the names of certain strains.  That would be unrealistic anyways, as each dispensary has its own strain brands that vary in superficial traits like taste, smell, or flavor.  Potbotics will serve as a guideline for THC and CBD concentrations, so that medical patients are given accurate readings and recommendations.

Potbotics is also developing a more ambitious product for the future, called NanoPot, which will look at strains of cannabinoids on a genetic level.  No detailed information about this project is available yet.

With the fast growing market of marijuana-related products, we have to say Potbotics is one of the more interesting ones, which may or may not live up to its potential, but you can tell they are really passionate about advancing marijuana to another level of accessibility and functionality.  We are always excited when science and technology is brought together for the greater good.