Music really does have a mystical connection to sex. But now three’s proof: a scientific study of the songs that make you most want to bang. So who came out on top? Patrick Swayze, The Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Studies also show that 40% of people stated that the music they listened to during sex to them was more important than their partner’s touch.

So theoretically, Dirty Dancing, Barry White and Marvin Gaye all make good sex music because they establish a deep romantic connection within. Studies also show that music has a direct pathway to the brain, and it hits all the pleasure centres as well. It stimulates dopamine producing parts of the brain that are then activated during sex, and so music, sex and science are all connected.

Zatorre, the leader of this study claimed that the findings were interesting because music itself doesn’t satisfy the same biological need that sex does. Instead, music provides the user with an intellectual reward, so it amplifies the pleasure experienced during sex through a huge range of channels.

Moushumi Ghose, a sex therapist claims that music has an ability to stimulate the mind and body, helping them to focus on their partner even more during sex. Ghose also pointed out that music and sex are connected in the way that they are both emotional and rhythmic. She thought that this very connection is one of the main reasons why songs are inspired by intimate moments that occur between a couple, and the artists are simply trying to find a way to convert their thoughts and emotions into song. Marvin Gaye and Barry White have done this perfectly, and this proves that it isn’t all about the sexy rhythm, it is also about love, thoughts from the heart and the significance that it provides to the couple in question.