If anytime in the near future, you almost die, watch someone die, or kill someone then the best thing for your long term health might be an immediate big old glob of shatter. This according to a fucked up sounding experiment where scientists traumatized rats, then injected them with a synthetic weed compound.

The study was conducted by Irit Akirav and Nachshon Korm. Lab rats were given harsh electric shocks, then exposed to reminders of this trauma days afterward. Some of the rats were injected with cannabinoids. The ones who received the cannabinoids showed no signs of PTSD at all and did not react to the reminders.

The rats who were not administered any drugs, and the ones given sertraline (the generic name for Zoloft, an antidepressant commonly prescribed for PTSD), both experienced symptoms of PTSD such as “impaired extinction learning, increased startle response, changes in sensitivity to pain and impaired plasticity in the brain’s reward center.”

Approximately 9% of the world’s population suffers from PTSD. It particularly targets soldiers, victims of violent crimes, prisoners, and those who work in confrontation such as police officers. Given the potential good that increased awareness of treating trauma victims with cannabinoids, it might be time to bump this study up to humans.

I just hope the synthetic weed you inject in your veins stays out of the hands of certain dabaholics. If it does make it’s way to them, then we’re not going to be seeing those folks any time soon.