The 2016 ballot for recreational cannabis amendments in California is getting as crowded as the GOP is with presidential nominees. So why not add a loud industry outsider and public figure to the running? Sean Parker, the Justin Timberlake-impersonated Napster founder, is heading the newest initiative to get weed legal and regulated as soon as 2017.

Parker is expected to earn millions of dollars in investments to make his “Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act” a reality next year. According to High Times, the CRATA UMA is already pulling supporters from what was formerly the most popular of the state’s many initiatives, ReformCA.

Califronia’s chapters of the Marijuana Policy Project and the Drug Policy Alliance are rumored to have pulled their funding from ReformCA to Parker’s new plan, though the two proposals are actually pretty similar, while business owners such as WeedMaps founder Justin Hartfield and Nick and Joby Pritzker of Hyatt Hotels are reported to have made contributions to Parker’s cause.

The “Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act” proposes a market with a 15% excise tax for both recreational and medical marijuana, though medical would be spared a state sales tax. Residents could still grow their own, but only up to six plants for their own use. Those convicted of a cannabis-related crimes in the past would be able to request their record be expunged.

As for the more restrictive facets of the proposal, local governments would still be able to enforce their own laws against outdoor grow operations and recreational marijuana in the workplace. Portions of the state’s tax profits from cannabis sales would go toward studies on the impact of legalization and developing more sophisticated techniques to enforce stoned driving.