I got some good weed stories, some great dab stories. But if I’m ever passing a rig with genius and redhead Louis C.K., my “accidentally tried to drive the wrong car” or “thought I solved the theory of everything” stories won’t amount to half a hill of beans when he tells me his “I got blazed and talked a network executive into giving me another season” story.

See, Louis was planning to produce a full length thirteen episode fifth season this coming fall to avoid his usual grueling schedule of shooting all winter in New York. And all was going according to plan until one night when he smoked enough herb to get God high, got crazy-inspired, and wrote out an outline for the entire season in one blazing burst, then called FX chief Landgraf, and told him they had to shoot the new season post haste.

Landgraf was apparently a little P.O.’d at this last minute change, and told Louis that all the money had already been spent on other shows. But since Louie is one of the cable channel’s flagships and probably the best show on television, the executive met Louis in the middle and offered him a half season. That’s how they ended up with only eight episodes of the season which just ended beautifully last Thursday.

Then, in a very Louie-like shaggy dog twist, the writer-creator ended up not using a single joke or idea from his outline, saying it was all gibberish when he looked at above the influence. However, stuck with his half-season order, C.K. made some of the best episodes of the entire series (and so, some of the best works ever created by man?), including “Sleepover” and “The Road.” All this according to HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall, who recently moderated a conversation with C.K. and co-producer Pamela Adlon. The two Louis producers are cooking up another show for FX at the moment: called Better Things, it stars Adlon in some kind of humorous and involving situation.

PS – Just for kicks, here’s the beautiful and wistful “Diarrhea Song” from last season’s episode “Untitled.”