Four states have legalized the use of marijuana at the time of this writing, which has led to several questions about what is legal and what is not legal to do with this drug. A common issue is second-hand marijuana smoke and what it will do to you. Is it something that is pleasant? Or is it a health hazard?

#1. Second-hand smoke will not get you high. You will smell the pot in second-hand marijuana smoke, but that’s all that is going to happen. Breathing in the smoke will not get you or your kids high if you’re exposed to it or even to someone expelling vapor. It will, however, bother people who have asthma, COPD, or other breathing issues.

#2. People do not smoke frequently. If you have a neighbor taking advantage of legal marijuana, then you’re not going to have the same problems as you would with cigarettes with second-hand smoke. Many will burn pot once per day and that’s about it. Many users are transitioning to vaporizers because the highs are better. If the smoke is getting to you, then perhaps suggest your neighbor try a high quality vapor pen instead of a joint.

#3. It is not always legal in public. The one issue that people face today is that public use of marijuana is not always legal, even if recreational use is legal. If you are encountering second-hand smoke around your child’s school, at the store, or down by the playground, the confront those who are being lame and tell them to take their smoke somewhere else.

The long-term effects of second-hand marijuana smoke haven’t been studied. There isn’t the tar or chemicals in it that cigarettes have, but for those who have sensitive lungs, it could be a health hazard even if the smells are pleasant. Be kind, don’t be lame, and the experience will be cool.