East St. Louis residents are challenging the city’s decision to keep the location of a medical marijuana farm secret.

The state now has the approval of the Progressive Treatment Solutions of West Chicago to grow medical marijuana. This covers a five-county area, notably Madison and St. Clair, however the city is refusing to tell them where the indoor growing facility will be located.

This is largely due to security concerns: if they released the location of their facility, they could open themselves up to crime and other security breaches. The Belleville News- Democrat has recently reported that a judge from St. Clair has given a temporary restraining order to the council, which prevents them from declaring the location of the grow site. It also stops them from telling anyone whether or not the cultivation site meets city zoning standards, which makes the situation more complex for the time being.

The judge’s decision was made a matter of hours before the council was due to disclose the location, so now nothing can be done or said until the restraining order has been lifted.

There is a scheduled hearing on Thursday, which will determine whether or not the restraining order will be lifted, and whether or not the location will be made public knowledge.