Weed isn’t hard to sell, but it can be difficult to distribute. Where it is legal, you need to have business licenses, allow regular inspections, and have a grower that doesn’t supply you with inferior buds. But whether you’re in one of the 23 enlightened states in the union or not, a lot of the basics are still the same. Here is some advice to increase your sales.

#1. Let the samples do the talking. Give people a taste. Just a small one. That’s the best way to start a craving that fuels repeat business.

#2. Don’t rock the mellow. A hard sale with weed is about as effective as explaining how Facebook works to your great-grandma. Be mellow and you’ll see green. Be pushy and you’ll just be seen as mean.

#3. Make it affordable. Most people are only going to drop a couple dimes at most at any one time. Even the 1% in your area are cheap and aren’t going to spend a ton of cash. Package your product at the $10-$20 price point to have the most success.

#4. Work with your grower. If you aren’t growing yourself, then work closely with your grower to make sure you get quality product. Don’t trust their words about quality. Get down there and inspect it at least once per week.

#5. Deliver on time. If you don’t like waiting for pizza, why would you want to wait for good weed? You don’t. Deliver on time and you’ll see repeat business. Deliver late and your weed had better be the best thing someone has ever had.

Knowing how to sell weed isn’t difficult. It goes by the same principles as nearly any other business. Be friendly, have a great product, and don’t price yourself out of the market. Follow these rules and you’ll be raking in the cash.