Former Attorney General, former Senator, and former Trump best bud Jeff Sessions could probably use a joint right now. The little guy has lost his job.

In a hilariously transparent move following the takeover of the House by Democrats on Tuesday, President Trump has fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The same day that Trump threatened Democrats not to keep investigating his ass for treason and all other kinds of criminal activity, he seemed to take another motion to block his investigation by sacking Sessions.

Sessions, as head of the Department of Justice, was the guy who could have squashed the Mueller Investigation of Trump. Instead, however, he recused himself from the affair, thinking that intervening might have made him like a treasonous criminal himself. All that created a pretty deep rift in the once-strong bond between Sessions and Trump, which now seems to be broken for good.

One interesting byproduct of all this is that cannabis advocates have lost the man who had become the Lex Luthor to their Superman. Sessions had, in the words of his predecessor, an “almost obsession” with blocking cannabis freedoms. The dude removed federal protections for state-legalized cannabis programs and also literally said that marijuana was “only slightly less awful than heroin.”

Needless to say, he was no friend to the cause. But it’s unknown if new Acting AG Matthew G. Whittaker will be any better. What seems to have qualified Whittaker, Sessions’s former Chief of Staff, for the big seat was his vocal opposition to aspects of the Mueller investigation, not his opinions about cannabis policy, which are largely unknown. What is known are some interesting but not very pertinent factoids: he played college football for the University of Iowa (even making it to the Rose Bowl) and he also used to steal wifi from Taco John’s. So, there you go.

Preemptively or not, many in the cannabis industry are smiling at Jeff Sessions’s departure. Market Insider reported “skyrocketing” gains in the stock market by leading Canadian cannabis company Tilray, up more than 30 percent on Wednesday after Jeff got the boot. Cannabis stocks in general had already been climbing earlier in the day after the news that Michigan had legalized recreational marijuana, while Missouri and Utah had both approved the medical stuff.

Photo via Flickr user Gage Skidmore