On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter broke a story that former Sony co-chair Amy Pascal can’t move into her office because its previous occupants Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen left it smelling strongly of marijuana.

Tatiana Siegel, the story’s author did not name her sources. It has since been picked up by a number of outlets, including the New York Daily News and Vulture. Seth Rogen went on Instagram to explain his side of the story.

Rogen explained that is completely irresponsible to create a story that is so untrue, and stated that he can’t understand why they would refer to the smell of pot as a “stench”. He then ended the post with a witty hash tag:  #myshitssmellsgood.

Matthew Labov, Rogen’s publicist, has stated in a letter to the Huffington Post that he doesn’t believe the story from the Hollywood Reporter. His email said that he is glad that Janice Min, editor at THR, is going back to what she learned at US Weekly and that he is happy that hard-hitting stories that revolve around actresses, make-up artists and pithy rumours are now making their way to the general public.

When Siegel was asked to comment on her story, she said that she remains confident in her report and that her sources are more than trustworthy.