As the extract industry continues to explode, branding becomes more and more important. Those who earn name-recognition now will have a better chance of outlasting new competition.

Hat pins, stickers, dab mats, and especially shatter envelopes are not only a good way for a wax company to market itself, but for dab users to let their fellow dabbers know what extract companies they think are the bomb.

The reason the Shatter Labels company has found so much success is that they not only offer printing solutions for the branding needs of extract companies, but creative solutions as well. They’ve helped hone various extract brands’ images to either create a logo that’s right for them or modify an existing logo for the specific requirements of shatter envelopes or hat pins. Shatter Labels even counts high profile and multi-Cannabis Cup Award winner Vader Extracts among its clients.

They also offer custom printed jars, trade show canopies, table cloths, stickers, apparel (t-shirts, snapbacks) and other custom printed merchandise. With full color printing and competitive prices (starting at $200 for 1,000 envelopes, while other companies require much larger quantity orders at a lesser quality), Shatter Labels fills virtually every packaging need an extract company has while putting a distinct and memorable branding image out there that’s right for their wax.

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