Though cannabis doesn’t go full legal for another year, an as-yet anonymous Angelino has jumped the gun (and some security fences) to retouch one of the city’s most famous landmarks. The Associated Press reports that sometime between midnight and 2 AM on the morning of New Year’s Day, an unknown suspect dressed all in black ninjaed their way from Griffith Park to the famed Hollywood Sign and changed it to read “Hollyweed.”

The suspect was caught on video, but apparently not caught in the act, and the change they made was not corrected right away so Los Angeles residents were able to start their new year with an approving sign to wake and bake. In order to achieve the stunt, the assailant apparently scaled a security fence and avoided sensors that are placed on the letters. They then managed to change the appearance of the sign without actually damaging it by laying two black and two white tarps over the letter, changing the two O’s to e’s.

The reaction from the public has been mostly positive, with Jackass’s Steve O posting a picture of himself real close to the sign, along with a caption saying, “I don’t know who did this to the Hollywood Sign, but I’m quite impressed they got away with it.” Snoop Dogg, being a sort of global leader in this field, felt he had to put in his two cents via Twitter as well. He wrote: “#hollyweed – that’s were I get my mail. #merryjane

The stunt might be impressive, but it’s not as original as it sounds. A college student pulled an almost identical job forty years ago to the day back on New Years 1976 using bedsheets instead of curtains. Since then, a number of people have defaced the Hollywood Sign, usually to make it read innocuous endorsements like “Caltech” and “Go Navy.”

If caught, the vandal will face trespassing charges, according to LAPD Sgt. Robert Payan.

Featured image via Snoop Dogg’s Twitter