“Stay away from actual butane cans.” That’s what Allison Margolin – LA’s famed marijuana criminal defense attorney – says when I ask her how extractors can stay clear of prosecution. “That’s the number one thing.” If there’s nothing with the word “butane” written on it at the scene, it can go a long way for the defense.

What else? I ask. “Distance yourself from your address.” Who says you live there? If there’s nothing with your name on it and no landlords come forward to testify (they never do, Margolin says), then there’s no concrete evidence that ties you to that residence or any extraction happening on the premises, even if the police arrest you there.

I asked Margolin about her career and her firm’s success. She said, “Our shit is the best. I quit gymnastics at nine to do this. I’ve been working on this plan since I was twelve.” What is that plan? “To end the drug war.”

Margolin’s a little bit like a two-headed freak – one head has the superbrain of a Harvard-educated lawyer, journalist, and lecturer, the other has the chilled-out body language and voice of a sun-baked California stoner. She’s usually talking fast, very smart, and about a few different things at once.

One second she’s telling me about habeas corpus, the next about ginger-beer, then she switches to a current case in northern California, and now she’s telling me about the bagel shop she works at in her daughter’s school. She texts while she talks to me and at the same time she’s on her house phone with a client. “Just don’t let them in! Don’t let them in!” she tells them.

For more on this crazily fascinating attorney and her expert thoughts on wax, growing, and lawyer TV shows, check out our feature article in the first ink and paper issue of Dabs Magazine coming at you in April.

For now, check out this guide to safe butane extraction on her firm’s website.

Written by Parker Winship
Photo courtesy of lasdopestattorney.com

Parker Winship