There are many ways in which you can get sent to jail for marijuana use, but smelling like weed isn’t one of them.

This didn’t stop a high school in Massachusetts for calling the cops after they found out that one of their cafeteria staff stunk of marijuana, as reported in High Times. Cops visited the high school during the afternoon on Tuesday after they received a distressing call that stated one of their staff members reeked of marijuana.

They were under the impression that where there is skunk, there is most certainly a stoner. The name of the staff member hasn’t been released.

After police shook him/her down, they found nothing. No signs of marijuana, paraphernalia or anything of the sort. Even though they didn’t break any laws by smelling of marijuana, the school have still banned the offender from ever returning back onto campus and the catering company that provides school lunches are also conducting an internal investigation.

Since then, police haven’t even been able to prove that marijuana was the culprit of his pungent stench, so if they did terminate him, it could be found as unlawful.

A study published years ago has found that the smell of marijuana isn’t enough to establish a probable because pot doesn’t necessarily have an exclusive scent. Researchers of the substance have also found that the aroma is actually created by hundreds of terpinoids. These can be found in many different animals and plants, including garbage and even marigolds.

Last summer, the Massachusetts court ruled that the smell of pot isn’t enough to justify a search. This law was issued because the possession of marijuana that is less than an ounce is a civil offence which is normally punished by handing the possessor a $100 fine. The judge ruled that it is nearly impossible for a police officer to determine how much cannabis a person has just by the smell.