It’s official. Weed is not as cool as it used to be. Just like that band that only you and your friends used to know but now plays on top 40 radio. Just like the Members Only clothing line after your dad buys one of the jackets. It’s still fun, it’s still good, but it ain’t cool.

No scientific studies out there yet on the coolness of weed, but there is a study from the University of Texas – Austin (cool school) that says substantially fewer American teens party down with weed than did ten years ago.

Survey says: 25% fewer young adolescents (12-14) used marijuana in 2013 (4.5%) than did in 2002 (6%). The number of kids in that age group who said they have a “strong disapproval” of pot also rose during that period from 74.4% to 78.9%.

Those in the 15-17 range are also dancing with Mary Jane less than they used to. Only 21.9% blazed in 2013, a significant shrinkage from the 26.2% who did in 2002.

This not only disproves (yet again) the conservative claim that legal medical and recreational marijuana programs increase use in adolescents and teens. It actually shows that use has decreased while (though not necessarily because) these programs were implemented.

So, how do you account for a 25% drop in cannabis use by a whole demographic? Cannabis is less-frowned on by society, less preached against in schools, and legal in some form in nearly half the country, while black markets continue to thrive, so it should be about as available as ever. Why would all these kids stop getting high?

We have a theory. Weed is no longer rebellious, no longer dangerous, no longer counter culture. It just is. Your uncle can ask a doctor for it if he has eye pain. You don’t have to go to the bad part of town or stuff it in your undies when the cops roll past.

D.A.R.E. doesn’t even tell kids not to smoke anymore. In a memorandum from D.A.R.E. explaining its recent curriculum changes reads, “Research has found that teaching children about drugs with which they have never heard of or have no real life understanding may stimulate their interest or curiosity about the substance.”

The D.A.R.E. logo had practically became an emblem of stoners. Wearing the shirt was like laughing at authority. But now the authority has shrugged its shoulders and said, “See if I care.” It may be passive aggressive, it may be reverse psychology, but whatever it is, it’s working.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s a good thing that weed isn’t cool anymore. It goes hand in hand with less people going to jail for it, your shit is likely to be better quality, and you don’t have to hide it from your mama. But maybe best not to let her see your blowtorch and rig for now.

Parker Winship