Snoop’s raising a fund to invest in some cannabis start-ups, according to an article in Tech Crunch. The articles says the D-O-Double-G hopes to raise over $25 million, but his agency is still in the process of gathering the resources needed.

Snoop’s a savvy investor. He’s put money in Reddit and the stock-trading platform Robinhood recently. And now he’s getting into another field he knows a little something about. His fund won’t have anything to do with the production and cultivation, but it will focus on legalising cannabis.

Snoop’s far from the only venture capitalist trying to get into the weed game. Now is a better time than ever to invest in the marijuana industry and money is pouring into industry start-ups as it becomes legal in more and more of the U.S.

Peter Thiel, for example, is part of the Privateer Holding company that’s currently trying to raise $75 million – so if you’re like us, you’re putting together a suave PowerPoint and a nice bag of swag while we try and get that dude’s number.