Snoop Dogg, or, The Man of Many Snoops, has come to be known as somewhat of a, how you say, marijuana guy over the years. Giving a keynote at Austin’s recent SXSW festival, Snoopiliath discussed various nuggets from his time on god’s green earth, including–get this–getting high with Willie Nelson. We know. We didn’t realized he smoked either.

Snoop cleared the smoke about their collaborating on a song called “My Medicine” together in Amsterdam last year. After smoking a shitton of pot while recording, the lightweights went out for some fried chicken.

As soon as the bucket was opened, the pair tore in like a set of rabid dogs, and immediately grabbed for the same piece. It was at that time that Snoop looked into Willie’s eyes and saw something he’d not yet seen in a man, nor will ever see again. A daemon was witnessed on that day. And Snoop obviously relented the chicken to the Nelson.

Snoop recalls this moment as the happiest in his life. What he won’t admit, or may not even truly know, is that it was equally his most horrified. A common effect in the presence of Willie “Willie Nelson” Nelson.