Soma started to grow pot in Florida, 1974. He had been smoking for over 10 years, and because Florida has such a warm climate, he decided to try his plants outdoors in the early spring. He got his seeds from Southeast Asia; however he also had a few Laotian, Thai and Cambodian seeds as well. He would also get seeds from Afghan, but after a while, he noticed that his Asian plants had started to hermie. He continued to plant and replant his seeds and through trial and error, he hit the jackpot.

He planted the same seeds he made the previous year, and he noticed that the Asian strains had grown to be 22 foot trees. The new plants however were much shorter in size, and the Afghan plants had become shorter, stockier with a faster growth. The first thing he decided to do was to mix two strains, so he could create a weed that was stronger than ever before. He also made sure that the plants had large buds, and before you know it, he became famous for his pot.

Take a look below to see how to grow the best weed.

Soma’s Top Weed Growing Tips

  • Use What You See

When you buy seeds, look at the plant to determine when they will be ready. The information on the back of the packet is merely an indication.

  • Don’t over water

Pick up your pots and feel for the water weight, and never over water your plants.

  • Don’t over fertilise

Always use the amount recommended on the packaging

  • PH of 6.0

6.0 is the ideal PH of a good pot crop.

       5- When the plant looks ready, give it another week.

When your plant looks ready, make sure that you leave it another week. This will let the seeds harden and ripen up and it will also stop you from picking too early.