When cannabis goes full legal in Canada next week, some of the country’s police will get a full reprieve to smoke weed to their heart’s content while off duty. But others will not be so lucky.

The determining factor is location. As the country has prepared to implement its nationwide legal recreational program, many cities and provinces have taken to imposing their own restrictions. For instance, the Calgary Police Service prohibits its officers from consuming cannabis, even on vacations or days off, as reported by the CBC.

Meanwhile, Toronto has put a limit on wacky tobaccy use by its officers, saying they can’t consume any within 28 days of reporting for duty. And Quebec City is similarly frowning on potheads po-pos.

On the other hand, some districts are being a little more chill. In Montreal, police can get dabbed to the gills and it’s okay so long as they meet the “fit for duty” standard, meaning they’re not impaired on the job.

There will not be across-the-board drug tests. Instead, Insp. André Durocher told CBC that the police will police themselves when it comes to stonedness. But this begs the question: who polices the police’s pot police?

Since no one asked this question to Durocher, he ignored it and instead said, “We like this approach because we find it’s very hands-on … there’s no legal [framework] … Given the fact we have to ensure public safety, and also the safety of other officers, we find it’s a very practical approach for Montreal.”

Montreal in general is taking a pretty loosey-goosey approach to legal weed. Officials have also said that smoking marijuana will be allowed anywhere which also allows smoking tobacco.

Photo via Flickr user Elvert Barnes