Maybe it was a silver lining to an awfully gray cloud. Maybe it was a shameless promotional stunt. Maybe a little bit of both. But some federal workers who got chopped and screwed by the government shutdown got free medical marijuana to help offset their woes.

The generous donations came from BudTrader, an online marketplace for cannabis available to users in 26 states, plus the District of Columbia, but the donations only went to federal workers in California.

BudTrader is often called the “Craigslist of weed,” which makes it sound pretty shady, but the company’s charity toward furloughed workers, on the other hand, sounds pretty legit.

“I don’t think federal employees are getting enough love and support, in these tough times, we want to extend the offer of a donation of medical cannabis to any federal worker affected by the shutdown,” BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin said in a press release.

According to reporting in The Hill, BudTrader consulted with an attorney to make their donations kosher, ensuring “that all cannabis donations given to federal employees are confidential and compliant with California Cannabis adult use laws and regulations.”

The company also vowed to give away “the maximum legal allowable amount of cannabis” to eligible workers.

The shutdown ended last Friday, after a record-breaking 35 days. 800,000 federal employees went without paychecks, causing financial crises for many who were affected. Congress is now scrambling to avoid another shutdown in February.

Photo via Flickr user Nancy Xu