The wide world of weed has made many revolutions in the past decade or two. Only a generation ago, getting stoned meant sorting out the seeds and stems, rolling jays, and getting stupid on some brick-packed weed. That made you lazy, hazy and stretched your smile out from ear to ear.

But now weed has entered the digital age. Plants are biologically calibrated to pick you up or put you down as fast and efficiently as possible, then the active compounds are being chemically extracted to light up your brain even brighter. Smoking weed, for many, is now about scientifically finding the best way to get fucked up.

But there is a movement going against the grain when it comes to super weed. Some stoners are speaking out in favor of old time schwag. It’s a little like the move toward vinyl, film and VHS in the digital age. Sure, we found a way to make the product as condensed and high-quality as possible, but maybe in doing so we lost a little bit of its soul.

VICE recently found a few stoners willing to admit their shameful secret: they actually like schwag better than the sticky-icky chron chron super haze tangie dream weed.

One anonymous female stoner told VICE: “I like shitty weed because I grew up in Africa, where we got shwag and hash. It’s a buzz, but not a total “drop you to the floor” high. I like it because it’s not so druggy both in affect and culture. I like deseeding and breaking up weed.”

Most of the other pro-schwag smokers made the same case. Bad weed is nostalgic and reminds them of a simpler, more relaxed high than today’s juiced up nugs give them.

“Weed these days is honestly just too potent for certain situations,” another anonymous pothead said. “If I’m just gonna smoke and chill by myself or with friends, it’s perfectly fine. But the second I have to do something—be out in public, hang with my family, or anything like that—it becomes way too much.., In my opinion, the only way to actually get a really mellow high is to smoke weed with low, low THC content—i.e. shake.”

And another dude made the most poetic case for shake, describing the sloppy feeling of sucking down a shitty fat blunt. “We’ll twist up a stupid-big joint on the beach and let it burn, he said. “I’ll hit it like twice, but that forest smell will sure bring me back, you know? Plus, I used to steal shit mids from my dad that he grew out in the woods somewhere and smoke alone. If I had the choice of smoking a big fat blunt full of mids or a bowl of NYC ‘heady’ weed that costs $60 for a light eighth from some kid on a bike, you know I’d rather smoke that blunt.”

An African immigrant put it in such a bold, badass way that its hard to argue with: “American weed is too good… I like my joints like I like my women: thin and classy.”