Fare Thee Well in Chicago might be the last time we see something like a true incarnation of the original Grateful Dead. The epicness of their of final round of dates at Chicago’s Soldier Field, compounded by the fact that this might be it, most assuredly means people are going to get high in more ways than our greatest psychonauts even knew possible, in order to “remember” the last time they say Bob Weir, or Phil Lesh, or such a large mob tie-dyed baby boomers.

To deal with the druggied mob of Deadheads, a member of the band’s inner-circle created a “How To” guide for venue security to identify and help someone get through a bad LSD trip. The document was magically leaked on Twitter, and now, we can rejoice in knowing that the medical staff at a Grateful Dead gig will know such important sad-trip emergency procedures as: “DO NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH THE GUEST,” or that someone tripping balls might “see” or “hear” things, and oh yeah…don’t touch the horny hippies! Because you get aroused on acid? That’s breaking news.

The most hilarious part of the document asks that medical never refer to being high on LSD as “tripping,” but rather refer to it as “IPR,” as in intense psychedelic response. Sounds like Scientology, or in other words, this shit is probably a great PR stunt to promote the Chicago shows, or just a really dumbed-guide on dealing with a mass acid trip.

Photo via Twitter user @KaraokeMeltDown