Young men and women in Africa are crowding round the corner shops. They are smoking nyaope, a new South African drug cocktail of marijuana, heroin, chlorine and rat poison. As if that didn’t sound good enough, it’s only $2 a hit.

“I need help; I’m desperate to stop but it’s just so hard,” Nomsa Mahlangu,a nyapope addict told BBC News. “This drug has turned me into a thief because I steal from my family and neighbors to pay for my addiction.”

This drug is easily accessible from a number of shops around the town of Delmas. They roll up joints then suck the unholy powder up into it before they light up. The drug is affecting tens of thousands across the country, young people more than any other demographic.

When one smoker was asked how he was feeling, he told a BBC reporter, “I’m in heaven.”

Many users say throwing away the roach of a nyaope joint is like throwing away money, so they smoke every millimetre of it until burns their hands and their mouths.

Local healthcare and the federal government is increasing their addiction treatment resources to keep up with the increase in area users.