As the cannabusiness gets more sophisticated, there are more and more skilled growers, dispensary workers, trimmers, extractors, delivery people, and edible chefs. And more good businesses that need skilled workers. So why the hell don’t we get a staffing agency in here to hook them up? Oh, we got one? Cool cool.

Many marijuana shops and growers are in need of a specialized skill set that the general population just doesn’t have. Knowledge about the product, how effective it is, or how to create a stunning new hybrid isn’t generally something that is officially learned with a college degree – or not at the moment. In Pueblo, Colorado, a staffing agency has stepped up to meet the needs of the growing legal industry in the state.

Opening its doors in February, Grasshopper Staffing wanted to help knowledgeable people navigate the licensing requirements to sell marijuana in Colorado. They also provide payroll services for employers.

This will help sellers and growers be able to have a better safety net when it comes to their accounting needs. Many agencies are struggling right now because of the disparity between state and federal laws.

To say that banks are not moving quickly to provide services to the new marijuana industry would be an understatement. But the agency has four owners backing the venture. One of them, Amber Wick, says that there is an incredible demand in labor for trimmers in Colorado. There just isn’t enough people who know how to clip leaves from buds that can connect with a potential employer. Grasshopper Staffing thinks they can change that.

If the results are positive in Colorado, Grasshopper Staffing envisions a national presence to connect industry professionals with the skilled labor they need. So dust the blunt shake off your resume and get in there.