The Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe has officially voted 5-1 in their executive committee to legalize the growing and use of marijuana on their tribal lands. One location for recreational use has also been included with this approval. No marijuana would be allowed to leave tribal lands, but even if that stipulation is followed to a T, tribe members could still face prosecution according to state officials.

South Dakota’s Attorney General Marty Jackey told Keoland Television that non-tribal members would still be held responsible for being under the influence of marijuana. “The use and possession of marijuana by any non-Indians still remains against the law and would be a misdemeanor. Similarly any time there is an impaired driving, whether it’s alcohol related or marijuana related, would be a DUI under South Dakota law,” he said. It is against the law in South Dakota to grow or use marijuana.

The biggest area of concern for officials isn’t the use of pot, but how people leave the reservation after using it. Local police officials say that they’ll “address those concerns” if they happen to come up.

One of the options available to South Dakota is a lawsuit regarding operational jurisdiction. Jackey says he will await the outcome of the lawsuits that Oklahoma and Nebraska have filed against Colorado regarding legalized marijuana for direction to see how to proceed in his plan to be a lame narc.

The tribe hopes to have their facilities operational by Fall 2015. They are still attempting to find a location that is suitable for growing and consuming what may very well be called the new Black Hills Gold.

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