The use of butane has been linked to 30 extraction-related explosions since 2014 and it’s got Colorado lawmakers worried. A bill has been proposed which, if approved by the state Governor, would make it a felony to manufacture hash oil using an “inherently hazardous substance” such as butane, unless the manufacturer is licensed by the state. The idea is to cut down on injuries and property damage caused by blasting.

Some say the rash of expositions is the result of “idiots who are determined to blow themselves up.” It’s also worth noting that House Bill 1305 allows for the homemade production of hash using less dangerous methods, such as non-explody solvents like alcohol, vegetable glycerin or water. Only time will tell if House Bill 1305 will lead to even more regulation, which could place restraints on local businesses and medical marijuana caregivers who rely on homemade operations to cut costs and maintain their own quality control.