One of the greatest stoner dogs in history got a harsh buzz kill from her owner last week when she found a pound of dank on the street and brought it home like a good dog should. Many folks put in that spot would have given their dog an extra treat and thanked their lucky stars as they rolled up the first of many free blunts, but that’s not what this dude did, according to TIME magazine.

What this dude did was call the Jones County Sheriff’s Department in Jones County, Mississippi and report their winning the lottery as a crime. The local sheriff’s office posted on its Facebook page about the incident, according to the cannabis news source Extract. Though that post seems to have evaporated, here are its contents per Extract:

“The owner thought it was a bag of trash the dog had brought from somewhere nearby and tore open at the house.

When the owner got a closer look he smelled what he thought was marijuana, then saw the leafy substance.

It is not known from where the bag was retrieved.”

Allyson Knotts, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, told TIME that the weed was “high-grade” and worth about $1,000. Nobody has been arrested in the case so far because, as Knotts puts it, “it’s kind of hard to get the dog to tell you what kind of garbage it was digging in to.”

But did the dog at least get something out of it? No, but not for lack of trying. The canine (she goes by Miley) tore into the bag and seems to have ate some of the fine cheeba inside, but, since weed doesn’t work like that, Miley didn’t even catch a buzz.

We’re praying to the gods and saints of cannabis that whoever misplaced that pound of fire could absorb the loss and that Miley gets a cooler owner sometime soon.

Photo via Flickr user Satchmo-