The future is now. We’re still missing many of the farout gizmos promised by movies: not many hover cars, no moon colonies, not a single killer robot. But we do have at least one invention that proves human civilization has progressed in the 21st century. We can now smoke weed without having to actually smoke anything.

And the cannabis community has rallied around its own rocket pack – the relatively newfangled vape pen. According to a study in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, most stoners think vaping is healthier than smoking weed the old fashioned way, even if flower toking is still more popular overall than oil vaporizing.

Online survey characterizing vaporizer use among cannabis users” by Dustin Lee, Benjamin Crosier and others surveyed 2,910 subjects. The ages of participants ranged from 18 to 90. 74 percent were Caucasian and 84 percent were male, meaning the sample group was not as representative of diverse students as scientific accuracy might dictate, the results are nonetheless fascinating.

“Those that prefer vaping consider it to be a safer, more positive experience,” according to the study. 61 percent of those surveyed had at least tried vaping, 37 had vaped in the previous 30 days, and 20 percent had vaped more than 100 times. Stoners who now consider vaping to be their preferred way to enjoy cannabis came in at 12 percent of those polled.

Of those who sided with Team Vape, 72 percent thought it was healthier than smoking flowers and 55 percent thought it tasted better.

Two previous studies cited by High Times also discovered that many potheads think vaping is better for you than smoking. Why three studies have been used to find what uninformed stoners think is healthy for them instead of just researching the medical effects of long-term vape use has yet to be reported.