Don’t worry. In the next century, as humans turn into Mad Max-eque hardened tribal cannibal road warriors, our weed is going to mutate with us.

Cannabis (like just about every other plant on Earth) has been getting used to a certain carbon content in the air over the last couple few hundred millennia. But now, do to climate change, atmospheric CO2 content has gone down significantly.

Lewis Ziska, a plant physiologist with the US Department of Agriculture led a recent study on how planet devastation is leading to some fire OG. “If you go back to the times plants evolved on land, the average CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels were 1,000 parts per million; today it’s about 400,” Ziska told The Daily Climate.

And lots more smart dudes and dudettes are concurring with Ziska that we may be entering a world in which water scarcity becomes an even more dire problem due to unprecedented cotton mouth. According to former USDA ethno-botanist James Duke, as the environment gets harder on plants, they become more resilient, and that tends to make them more medicinally effective – which might apply to the psychoactive elements in marijuana.

“Something we learned in the garden … is that the more stress a plant gets — heat or cold or disease or just plain beating it — the more medicinal and less edible it becomes,” Duke told

So, even though the world is ending, the sesh is not. Even though civilization is crumbling, so is your loud-ass Tangie wax. Maybe, if temperatures and atmospheric CO2 keeps going up, the buds will just start extracting themselves right on the stalks.