Though cannabis has been associated with all stripes of health, wellness, and body awareness, one study indicates that there may be a gaping blind spot in the hygiene of stoners. That pipe, bong, rig, or vape apparently contains more bacteria than almost any other household object, and it will take more than wiping it off with the sleeve of your hoodie to clean it.

That’s according to an alarming new report from cannabis products company Moose Labs, which says that “cannabis users seem to completely disregard common sense health and safety practices.”

The Moose Labs study is a real scientific-looking jam with hypotheses, charts, and even a table of contents. It says that it is the first research of its kind on the subject.

They went to two different “social consumption cannabis events” in California and tested bacteria in two groups of cannabis users. One was given silicone mouthpieces to use on their smoking devices and one was not.

The report reads that an “astounding level of bacteria was found on cannabis pipes, vaporizers, and joints; significantly higher than what was initially expected.”

Bacteria levels of the average weed smoking/vaping device was about one and half times higher than a toilet seat. Researchers attempted to find another household object in daily life with the same level of bacteria, but apparently failed.

“It really is just absolutely horrifying,” Moose Labs co-founder Jay Rush told High Times. “I almost feel bad telling people, but would you rather be informed and upset or uninformed and blissfully ignorant?”

The study also found that ” Sanitary devices, such as the MouthPeace, are proven to dramatically decrease the spread and amount of bacteria on a pipe by more than 5924%.” However, maybe you should take these findings with a grain of salt. Because, not surprisingly, the MouthPeace is a product which is being made and marketed by Moose Labs.

Photo via Flickr user NIAID