The Golden Globes are hard enough to sit through in your own home. The Royal Crown Cola of entertainment awards shows has got some decent jokes and some big celebs, but honestly no one gets into the movie industry dreaming of taking home a big gold ball. The award’s value is mainly that it seems to be a predictor for who might win an Oscar (and no one even cares about that anymore).

So imagine how hard it must be to actually have to go there and sit in some uncomfortable outfit for four or five hours while you listen to some asshole give a speech after they just beat you for an award.

Attendees most commonly resort to the event’s open bar to numb the pain and make drunken idiots of themselves, but some turn to other substances in order to get by.

On Monday, after the most recent installment of the Golden Globes ceremony, E!’s style expert Zanna Roberts Rassi confided that some well-known peeps walking the red carpet used cannabis for a very specific use: to ease their aching feet.

Some attendees show up in brand new very high heels and wearing those is not too pleasant after awhile. “One great trick that a lot of celebrities in LA use is CBD cream on their feet, because it numbs the pain,” Roberts Rassi says.

Roberts Rassi then segued into what amounts to a commercial for a specific brand of CBD lotion, which you can follow the link above to read if you really want. In the meantime though, we’re going to tell you about some other celebrities probably go to the Golden Globes high:

Like Atlanta’s Donald Glover, who’s previously said, “I smoke weed all the time, I do edibles all the time, I’m always high.”

Or Susan Sarandon (Either Thelma or Louise in Thelma and Louise), who said that she goes to every award ceremony high.

Or Harrison Ford who seemingly definitely gave a lifetime achievement award speech while high.

Summing up the necessity of weed at ceremonies like the Golden Globe, one anonymous awards circuit regular told the New York Post, “These events are so long and drawn out, it could be that weed is the thing that makes them tolerable.”

Photo via Flickr user Jonathan Kos-Read