McGruff ain’t got shit on this dog. A major cannabis bust went down in Chi-Town last week, so big they might try to pin a medal on the law enforcement agent responsible, if it weren’t for the fact that he doesn’t wear clothes.

As reported by CBS Chicago, much of the credit for the takedown goes to a certain dog named Jayda.

Officers from a Chicago Police Department narcotics unit pulled over 42-year-old Jason Tanner on Thursday night in connection with an ongoing investigation into organized crime. When they turned Jayda loose, she smelled drugs in Tanner’s vehicle and trailer. Investigators searched these and found 1,500 pounds of cannabis, approximately $10 million at street value, according to the CPD.

Apparently Tanner was bringing in the shipment from California. He was charged with possession of more than 5,000 grams of cannabis, and held with a $50,000 bail until a court date in July. CPD said they are continuing to investigate the case with the assistance of Drug Enforcement Administration agents in California.

The tragedy in cases like this is that drug-sniffing dogs actually are taught to love the smell of cannabis, They don’t know that when they sniff some dank in the trunk of a Dodge, they’re actually helping The Man destroy something they love.

The opposite of a tragedy in a case like this is that a couple of months ago people were worried that cannabis-sniffing dogs in Illinois were going to be put down. But not with a celebrity kanine crimefighter like Jayda around.

The CPD has made the rocking bitch a minor viral sensation after posting her accomplishment to their Facebook page Sunday. Since then, the story has been shared more than 5,000 times. Plus now we’re writing about it!