The US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy announced earlier this week that he had an open view on the use of medical marijuana, stating that it might offer various medical benefits to symptoms that cannot be helped by standard medication alone.  He then went on to suggest that we have to use that data to drive a new policy.

Presidnet Obama told the New Yorker magazine that he smoked pot as a kid and he viewed it as a very bad habit, however he finds it very comparable to the cigarettes he smoked as an adult as well, and so came to the conclusion that pot is no more dangerous than alcohol.

Murthy also appears to be softening his position on the views of medical pot. During his hearing at the senate, Murthy told lawmakers that he doesn’t recommend marijuana, just like he doesn’t recommend other drugs, and if he had children he would tell them not to use it. He also states however that more research is required for us to fully understand the drug, to see what science tells us as opposed to general opinion.

Advocates who support the marijuana movement hope to use the remarks that Murthy made to pressure the Justice Department into performing more studies on the drug, to see the recreational purposes as well as the medical. Murthy went on to say that it is science that needs to tell us about the efficacy of pot, and we’re going to need a lot more data if we ever want to understand it fully.

Although no progress has been made on the views expressed in these comments, it certainly goes a long way in the terms of legalization. More and more doctors and higher figures are now more open to marijuana, and new research is being pushed forward.