A national survey of Americans has shown that a strong majority of people are actually in favor of legalizing marijuana.

According to the “Beyond the Beltway” report from Benenson Strategy Group and SKDKnickerbocker, 61% of Americans want it to be legalised, while 72% are in favor of decriminalization.

The popularity of legalization is 10 points higher when compared to last year’s poll. Overall, Americans appear to be in strong support of the decriminalisation of small amounts of marijuana as long as it is for personal use. In fact, a CNNstudy also showed that 84% of Americans think that you shouldn’t get any jail time for possessing marijuana and 67% think that the government should pay more attention to the treatment of people who use illegal drugs as opposed to their incarceration.

The same survey also showed that 75% of American’s think that pot will be made legal nationwide at some point in the future. This isn’t the only survey that has shown strong support for marijuana, as another survey showed that 60% of American’s think that every state should have full control over their own marijuana laws as opposed to federal interference.

Barack Obama recently told VICE that the federal policy could shift in favor of marijuana if enough states change their laws. He has also stated that conservative republicans and liberal democrats strongly agree that the current laws regarding marijuana don’t make sense when you take a look at the benefits it has to offer.

Obama believes that we might be able to make a little progress in terms of its decriminalisation, and if this happens, congress may even go as far as to reschedule the substance.