Marijuana users in Denver are hoping to spark up new relationships with a brand new smoking app aimed at tokers. There’s no shortage of niche dating sites – there is Purrsonals for cat lovers and Uniform Dating for those who like uniforms, so why not one for cannabis enthusiasts?

A marijuana user from Denver had created the High There app which helps you to find other cannabis lovers in the local area. Todd Mitchem created this app after he found out that a lot of matches on various dating sites were put off when they found out that he smoked pot. He wanted to create an app that solved his problem, as well as creating a means for cannabis smokers to meet up and hook up with one another, connect and build relationships via a dating site.

A lot of users have already called this app “The Tinder of Weed” because of its huge success, and more and more people are now resorting to it to find other pot smokers in the area. This app isn’t just for dating though. Mitchem himself also stressed that the site could also be used to help cancer patients find other users of medicinal marijuana so they can have some company.

This app is completely free and available in the US on the Android store. It will soon make its debut on the Apple App Store as well so it will be open to nearly every smartphone user. It is worth noting that this app is only available in the 23 states that allow marijuana, whether it is for recreational or medicinal use.